ARTIST SPOTLIGHT – “LOOM” and single “BLEED ON ME” – makes XFM XPOSURE BIG ONE – April 2015.

It’s with great pleasure that we introduce you to the colossal force of nature that is LOOM. It’s not everyday you come across a band like LOOM and we suggest you take a few minutes to hit play on this incredible track titled “BLEED ON ME” and discover ( potentially ) you’re new favorite noise rock band. The track is part of an EP release out MAY 18th on RAFT RECORDS ( Formed by Faris of THE HORRORS and brother Tarik ) This is the 2nd release on RAFT RECORDS in association with VINYL FACTORY, so be sure to get involved. Big things ahoy for the label and LOOM. Watch this space!

XFM’s JOHN KENNEDY heard this and instantly made this his XFM XPOSURE BIG ONE on the stations main playlist.



18 April – Record Store Day, Cafe 1001, Brick Lane
22 April – The Black Heart, Camden
29 April – The Black Heart, Camden
13 May – The Black Heart, Camden

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