Artist Spotlight – Louise Distras



It’s always humbling to see an artist that we have helped who can make any sort of success out of working solely D.I.Y in the music industry, and here we have a fine example….. Louis Distras , a solo artist from Wakefield, England. Louise has spent her time over the recent years constantly writing new music, touring harder than most independent artists could ever fathom and becoming a genuine tour de force on the live circuit. In that time she’s managed to spread the word of her music around the United Kingdom and to lands further afield such as Europe and the USA, playing to thousands and thousands of faces while she’s been doing it.  1 person + 1 guitar and whole lot of D.I.Y mindset. That’s pretty damn impressive, right? She’s also been featured on the BBC Radio 1 Punk show and supported some cool established bands too!


All the blisteringly hard work has seen her reach over 5000 likes on facebook and build herself a strong and loyal fan base. Her album ” Dreams From The Factory Floor” it out now which you can buy, so be sure to do just that and support independent artists. Her new single and video is about to be announced as well! Be sure to check out Louise Distras on her upcoming live dates which you can view and get involved with at : –




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