Listen again! : RADIO X Live Session with HAPPY ACCIDENTS – Feb 6th 2018

Last night, ( FEB 6th 2018 )HAPPY ACCIDENTS were live session guests for the legend John Kennedy on RADIO X! – and it was BRILLIANT!

Because we’re flipping awesome, we’ve collated the time codes so you can listen back to it! ( but hurry, you’ve only got 7 days! ) – BUT, if you’re reading this and thinking …“OH CRUMBS I’ve missed it” – don’t you worry yourself……the band’s forthcoming album EVERYTHING BUT THE HERE AND NOW will be released on FEB 16th via ALCOPOP! and it’s produced by a member of HOOKWORMS which equally awesome.

Listen Again link ( available for 7 days ) :

Time codes below : )

(Live session version of ‘Wait It Out’) – * 31 mins 

(Live Interview with Phoebe drums) – * 34 mins

(Live session version of ‘Text me when you’re home’ ) – * 41 mins

(Live session version of ‘Act Naturally’ ) – *1 hour 36 mins

(Live session version of ‘A Better Plan’ ) – *2hr 14mins 


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