STILTS – debut single ‘Ham’ played on the XFM ROCK SHOW.


It’s literally been a fortnight since STILTS burst onto the scene. Their debut single HAM, which is released July 29th 2013 via Martian Pop Record/Brock N Broll , has already won the support of some of the big radio stations in the UK and even stations out into Europe! On sunday night,  Ian Camfield, presenter of the XFM Rock show, slid the new STILTS single into the canon, and blasted it loud out to the nation and beyond. Not only this, Artrocker Radio have caught wind of the current buzz that’s happening right now and played it out to their listeners as well! They’ll be playing more music from STILTS next week we tell you…. Keep your eyes and ears out for the Artrocker Radio podcast, and if you’re in London/ surrounding areas – on Resonance FM. – AND if things couldn’t get any more crazy, the new STILTS single has been embraced by the rock fraternity of Sweden where it was played out on the P3 Rock station on Saturday night \m/ There’s a lot of rock happening over here at the Martian PR towers and we’re delivering it to you.

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